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Purullena Kading: photo

Why do men say that they want a woman that is independant, can take care of herself, and is not too clingy? When in reality....when they find that...they all of a sudden have the need to be needed....and if she doesn't blow your their phone up...she does care or isn't interested....or they can't provide the life style that she is used to.....I just don't get it....believe it or not...there are some women out there that are not crazy...that can take care of their own business....and expect that the man she is with has a life outside of her and gives him room to live it....I am very stable....lots of fun....and would just like to meet someone to hang out with and have a good time with. I am most attracted to taller black men...that are affectionate, outgoing, funny, and in touch with who they are...

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