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Rohrdorf Rahn: photo

After taking my logic course, I realize that I was spot on when I called you a manipulator. You use logical fallacies to persuade people. ie argument of emotion, argument of majority, argument of force, argument of authority, begging the question, appeal to ignorance, diversion. Your manipulation has a second layer. You use subtle psychological conditioning. These are the signs of a terrified and weak person.You're incredibly judgmental and consider yourself to be just. This is incredibly dangerous as it leads to indirect evil.You say you're a feminist, but you're actually sexist. Check yourself.You say that you despise some one, yet you're tagged in pictures with them smiling. This is a lie to them, I hope you know. They think that you like them, yet you hate them. This is seriously wrong of you to do. It's misleading and dishonest, as are the fallacies.I can safely say, I'm glad you're no longer in my life! Go Frick yourself.

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