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photographer unknown
Manuel Roxas Censky: photographer unknown

...but I really do need a man with brains. I need a man that can keep up with me - mentally and physically. Intelligence is such a turn on. If you can't hold an intelligent conversation, please don't bother me. I need you to be within the ages of 21 and 32. Any older or younger probably don't work. You may look young for your age... or you may be mature for your age, but at the end of the day, it just won't work. No hard feelings, I am sure you're a great guy! You best be a cuddler. If you're a grouch and don't like sleeping close or like sleeping alone, it probably won't work... just saying. Communication is ESSENTIAL. How am I to know I am doing something wrong if you keep hush hush about it? Speak up! I'm gonna tell you now... I am totally NOT a mind reader. I'm a texter...and a phone talker. You better be, as well.

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