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photo by miranda lehman
Veselynove Sosebee: photo by miranda lehman

I'm not looking for a full blown relationship but I don't want a one night stand either. Something in-between the two basically...like we could hang out regularly but not feel like we have to, or have to go through the bs of meeting each other's friends etc. So just the perks of a relationship without any drama. When we part ways, that'd be it, a simple thanks and good luck. I'm attractive called cute a lot by guys, in shape single dress size, and sane/normal...just resorting to chirrup if you will. I'm looking for a guy at least 30, no older than mid-40s, and somewhat in shape there has to be an attraction here, we wouldn't be just hanging out the whole time!. And able to actually carry a conversation....this isn't as much fun if you have nothing to talk about with the other person. I hope this all makes sense! 9

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