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via aana6y
Potong Bielik: via aana6y

Ok first please be normal! This world is full of wackos and well I seem to find the best of the best of them!!! I am a cute girl who has a career and goals and heck even ambition! I have a zest for life and a go get'em attitude! I am looking for a real sweet heart, not someone who will let me walk all over them but someone who understands that sometimes I have to work late and they attempt to make dinner even though it's burnt when I get home I would appreciate the thought! And things like that! But also someone who stands up for themselves when the time is right! I can't give my description of a perfect guy cause if I knew what that was welllll wouldn't I have found him by now!!!??? I am thinking 25 - 40 and I love kids I have one no strings attached. Hair color don't matter, height welllllll 5'9 and up......few extra pounds ok just not a dunlap belly.....and wellll hummmmm I guess just take the chance and hope we are both pleasantly surprised!!!! Thanks for reading!

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