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via lacoliflor wonderlandcode831
Frumoasa Gurwell: via lacoliflor wonderlandcode831

Coming out of my shell for a moment, sure would like to go out and have a nice time. Looking for a fit young man for an date. Hate to be so blunt and put it out there like that. But my chances of having a LTR doesn't seem in my future. Maybe I'm not putting forth the effort, or maybe the time and mental investment won't be worth it in the long run. Always seems to be DRAMA and HATE after the fact. So if I ask for just a days/nights of your time, I don't feel as though I am l'm losing anything this way. I'm a hard worker and appreciate the things I have. I'm comfortable in my home environment though at times I feel and have the urge to reach out as I am doing now. Old fashioned girl here. No games drama, fakeness, deceit. It would do me good to go out and have a great time. You probably own yourself one also!! So take this opportunity to meet someone anew, and restore some faith that it's alright to get to know a perfect stranger and have a great time. Pic?

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