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via wonderlandcode831
Melfi Eckle: via wonderlandcode831

Man, the past couple of days have been rough. Too much traveling around town, too much traffic to enjoy it. Today it seemed like just because there was a little rain, people had to go 30mph on the highways. I mean, come on people! It's Oregon! That's how it is 3/4 of the time here! Anyway, rant over. I'm relaxing at home and I'd love to chat with someone and see if a good conversation can turn into a real life relationship of some sort. If anyone's interested, drop me a line. As long as you don't make yourself sound like a complete jerk, you'll most likely get a response. Oh, and I do have pictures, but due to my professional life, I'd prefer not to post them on the internet. I'd be more than happy to trade some with a person during a conversation with them. By the way, I can't wait till Friday. Then I can go veg out and maybe finally see Morning Glory.

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