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Saint Ignace Waybill: photo

Do you realize that picking first and foremost on the basis of looks at our age 26 is telling of your emotional maturity and adding to high divorce rate?This message is for both men and for women, but mostly for men, who think that an attractive woman validates them somehow or makes them more of a man in the eyes of other men. Appearance is but one aspect. The most important thing is to look for an intellectual and spiritual connection. It's not the sexual connection that should be first. But in western culture, we are raised to believe that sexuality is the most profound basis. It is not. It is childish and immature and base, and you will surely end up alone males, because as you age, you are no longer virile.Seek within for your comfort and for your sense of self, and then look for another.If you are a married man sneaking around behind your wife's back, I can't help you. You will never grow up.

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