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San Jacinto Rm: photo

Ok so I know most guys think that women only want the bad boys but I don't! I really want to find a true nice guy. A guy that has an attention span longer then 23 seconds, who can listen as well as he can talk. Someone who if they care for someone isn't afraid to show that they care. Maybe it's to much to ask for I guess.About meI am average looking kind of plain. I have long hair no makeup and usually dress in jeans and tshirts I wouldn't be considered fat but not skinny either, just stuck in the middle. I have a very shy personality and just to warn you I don't talk alot which I admit sometimes becomes a problem for people. I am nice, passionate, honest, caring, somewhat intelleget. All the things I hear guys say they want in a women but don't seem to appreciate when they do have it. I have a job, a car, and my own place. I do have a 17yr old daughter that lives with me and two cats.

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