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via deviantart
Wolfenschiessen Lorson: via deviantart

Is that I'm tired. I need a hot shower, a stiff drink and the taste of a warm cock. Yeah, don't be so shock I said it. I'm sure if it were a man you could translate the last part to say, warm nipple. You could also argue and say I should be more lady like, but isn't that like beating a dead horse in this forum? It would also be a road block in the chase. I look, feel, and smell pretty like a girl. I'm smart, even though my punctuation is a bit iffy. I like music, art, the theatre not so much. I'm educated and well traveled. I'm laid back and at times borderline blase. I'm a loyal friend and lover. To non-descript? It's for the benefit of saving your dime and our time. Tell me a little about yourself, ask me questions, send me a photo. Take time to write an e-mail. If you don't do something for me, I might know someone you might be able to do it to. P.S. Please no cock shots. Just becuase you shield one doesn't mean you know how to wield one.

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