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Cinco Ranch Florian: photo

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young damsel ok, so I am exaggerating the young part looking for a dashing knight knights are far better than princes. No royalty hang-ups.This damsel searched far and wide, but alas, never crossed paths with her knight. Being a tenacious woman, she decided to try the internet to broaden her search. ok, so computers werent around during the damsel / knight era, but work with me.Hence this posting! The damsel is ladylike, witty, healthy, weight proportionate yeah, guys, I mean not fat with a multiple of interests, talents and desires.If youre her knight defined as TALL, bright, older than 26, unattached, wide range of interests please send a carrier pigeon with your intentions..oh, um, darn! Guess you wont be able to do that since you dont know where my castle is yes, damsels live in castles. All right, fine! Send an email and well see what happens. Photos can come later.Sincerely,Ms. WhereIsMyKnight

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