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Ekazhevo Megrabyan: photo

Every time I try posting something on Chirrup, I always get a bunch of replies asking me quothow fatquot i am and if I put out. Screw this! I am a decent, Christian woman that was honest in my ad and I get replies from a bunch of people who obviously need some prayer. I'm decent looking but love is NOT all about looks because looks fade. That quothot sexyquot girlfriend that you are looking for? Gravity is gonna kick her butt one day and all that tanning she is doing to look pretty for you is gonna turn her skin to leather! All that is gonna be left is personality and you better ask yourself, WILL THAT BE ENOUGH? Ya'll need to get Jesus in your life, for real. I'm sad that the world has gotten so bad that you can't even find a decent, God-fearing, hard working, loving, upstanding member of society to date. Darn my parents for raising me to be a decent person! Ha!

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